This gem came out of the recent ARRL Board of Directors Meeting:

29. On motion of Mr. Sarratt, seconded by Mr. Frenaye, the following resolution was ADOPTED:

WHEREAS, there is current substantial amateur radio movement, activity, and innovation in the digital narrowband area; and

WHEREAS, the FCC has mandated that by 2013 commercial radio move to narrowband channels and Amateur Radio manufacturers normally follow commercial practices; and

WHEREAS, the VHF/UHF Amateur Radio band plan currently uses 15 and 20 kHz FM channels; and

WHEREAS, with the increasing use of narrowband across the country amateurs are placing and using narrowband equipment outside the repeater subband because there is no real place to fit the narrowband pairs; and

WHEREAS, for ARRL to remain a respected leader in technology, we must be actively involved in innovative solutions to problems by bringing about a productive discussion on a technical paradigm shift; now

THEREFORE, the President shall appoint a study committee for the purpose of research and to consider developing a plan to move the US amateur community to narrowband channel spacing. (Italics supplied)

Contact your ARRL "representatives" and tell them "HELL NO" to this nonsense! Of course, ICOM, Kenwood, and Yaesu account for most of the advertising revenue in QST and such a plan, especially if the ARRL follows this "recommendation" with a Petition for Rulemaking to the FCC to ban conventional FM and repeaters, would enable the Big Three Japanese manufacturers to sell thousands of pricey new digital radios and repeaters while our VHF and UHF equipment becomes obsolete and useless. Better yet, drop your membership and be sure to let these clowns know why! If it isn't broken, don't "fix" it!

With "friends" like our "representatives" in Newington, who needs enemies? Of course, your ARRL "representatives" may brush you off. Read this e-mail exchange that I had with the Atlantic Division Director and the Eastern Pennsylvania Section Manager.