Transmitter location: Ocean County, New Jersey


Control point and alternate transmitter location: Huntington Township, Pennsylvania (25 miles WSW of Wilkes-Barre)


If you are interested in amateur radio, with an accent on vintage radio, full fidelity, natural-sounding AM, and experimentation, you have come to the right place! There are a few surprises on this site as well. Enjoy!


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Contact Information

Electronic mail address:

Phil (at)

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Current Projects:

The FCC has granted me an experimental license for the 600 meter band (505 to 510 kHz) with the callsign WE2XTT. I am currently restoring a Scientific Radio Systems SR-216MF transmitter for use on this band, where I will be transmitting CW in beacon mode on 507.5 kHz and using 509 kHz as the working frequency. This transmitter uses special connectors for the cable that connects the remote control head to the transmitter and its 1 KW amplifier. These are 36-pin rectangular connectors that are smaller than a Cinch-Jones connector. They were made by the E.F. Johnson Company about 30 years ago and they seem to be impossible to source. I am also looking for a schematic diagram or manual for the accompanying SR-1601MF remote control head. If any of you know where I can get these, please contact me via e-mail. Since 600 meters is now a regular amateur band, I plan to operate within that allocation once the equipment is ready. Notification has been sent to the power utility association that needs to co-ordinate amateur use of these frequencies to prevent interference to their carrier current systems.

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Biographical Information

Birthday: May 15

Place of birth: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Marital status: Single...nobody to nag me but my cats!

Occupation: Broadcast engineer and program producer.

Radio Clubs: AM International #1316, QCWA #28512, Grey Hair Net #221, FISTS #2995

Professional Society: Society of Broadcast Engineers, #3676 (expired). The SBE became a bit greedy and jacked their membership dues sky high, so I dropped my membership.

Professional License: FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License, PG-3-10080

Professional Certification: SBE Certified Broadcast Radio Engineer

Licensed September 27, 1968 as WN2HMH. I held the callsign WB3EZA briefly while working in Pennsylvania. The callsign of my New Jersey station was changed from WA2HMH to K2PG on May 24, 1977. The New Jersey station has been at its current location since May, 1992. I came to Wilkes-Barre in March, 2004 and moved to Huntington Township (a very rural area) in October, 2005. The New Jersey station suspended operations in 2014 due to financial reasons. I could no longer afford the telephone lines for the remote control system.

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Personal Interests

I enjoy restoring vintage radio equipment and using it on the air. Non-radio related interests include beekeeping, gardening, and just hanging out on the beach or hiking through the mountains and cooling off in a nice mountain lake.

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Useful Links

The AM Window (WB3HUZ)

Class E AM Transmitters (WA1QIX)

Antique Electronic Supply (Tubes and old-timey parts)

RF Parts (Power tubes and semiconductors)

Mouser Electronics (General electronic components; no minimum order)

P.W. Dahl & Company (Large transformers and reactors)

Boat Anchor Manual Archive (Manuals for vintage radio equipment)

Collins Collectors' Association (Manuals for Collins amateur, commercial, and military equipment)

Murgas Amateur Radio Club (K3YTL) This is not an AM-oriented club, but it is an excellent general purpose club that commemorates Father Josef Murgas, radio pioneer from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

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